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so, it’s august, let’s see how my new year’s resolutions are holding up…

1. Improve my health/fitness by doing the following: expanding my healthy cooking repertoire, getting back into running after recovering from my injury, increasing flexibility (stretching & maybe yoga), strength training. However, I’d like to not get too preoccupied with it - I have a habit of swinging from one extreme to another (exercising 2 hours per day while subsisting on 1200 calories is not much better than laying on my ass all day and binging on shitty food). Moderation!


2. Run another half-marathon, preferably in a new city (contingent on recovery).

another half completed! in sf again though.

 3. Pick a PT school. Kick ass in my first semester. Realize that it isn’t going to be easy, especially at first. Realize that I will probably feel very lonely in the beginning. Be okay with that, and then move forward. 

two weeks until the quarter is over! ahhhh

4. Get involved wherever I end up this fall. Develop a schedule that allows time for leisure. Join a soccer team. Join a choir. Join student council. Take fitness classes. Explore the city. Go to museums. Go to events.

joined a soccer team for fall! so excited.

5. Binge drink less; go to more happy hours.


6. Go to at least one music festival.

outside lands <3

7. Put myself out there and make new close friends. Not just friends that I go out with, but friends with whom I can sit on a couch in sweats, drink wine, watch TV, and act like my norm freaky floof self.


8. Along that same vein, go on dates. Seriously, I need to learn how to date. I’ve never been on a “real” date before.


9. Work on overall adult-like improvements. Learn how to actually do my hair in different ways. Get a new perfume. My current perfumes - Vera Wang Princess and Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! - remind me too much of drinking/alcohol because that’s the only time I wear them. Get a new “adult” perfume for daily wear. Perhaps…Marc Jacobs Daisy? Improve wardrobe, particularly if I move out of California.

hair - nope

perfume - yep

clothes - well, i have a lot of work out clothes now, does that count..?

10. Drink more coffee, because coffee makes me happy and being happy is good.

i drink 3+ cups a day, so…there’s that…

11. Explore new music. There is so much good stuff out there that I haven’t heard. Current obsession: Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire, which I discovered though a Vampire Diaries sex scene, haha. (Suggestions welcome!)



12. Be neater. I’d like to keep my future apartment super clean at all times. Develop some sort of cleaning schedule. And, along with that, decorate the shit out of my new apartment. 

not too bad so far actually

13. Read more. Watch more movies. Find new TV shows to watch. After all, one can only re-watch The Vampire Diaries & Friday Night Lights so many times.

game of thrones! but i’ve also been rewatching scrubs..

14. Be classy. Definition of classy TBD.


15. Most of all, be happy. Find joy in the little things. Be a good person. Be kind. Trust others. Love freely and without regret. :)

:) always


It’s difficult to explain how much I love these people 💕💕💕 (at Outside Lands Music Festival)


It’s difficult to explain how much I love these people 💕💕💕 (at Outside Lands Music Festival)

i think the reason why i don’t like birthdays is because i’m always disappointed.




Yesterday, Meb Keflezighi, a UCLA alum, won the Boston Marathon, the first American to do so in 31 years. After the race, he quoted another famous Bruin, John Wooden: “It’s not just what you do in practice, but what you do for the 22 hours afterward.”

Since then, I’ve been thinking back fondly on UCLA (as I do frequently), but to an even greater degree, I’ve been thinking about Coach.

I didn’t know who John Wooden was before I came to UCLA. I think I had an inkling of who he was - the coach that won us lots of basketball national championships! - but I didn’t really understand who he was or why he was so revered, other than the obvious. As I became more immersed in my new Bruin life, I got to know more about Coach. How could I not? He was everywhere, from the quotes and pictures in the gym named after him, to his physical presence at basketball games in his seat behind the bench, to the banners hanging from the rafters of Pauley. To be a Bruin is to know and love John Wooden. I learned that there was a reason why we call him Coach with a capital “C,” and it’s because he was so much more than just a basketball coach. 

Coach passed away at the end of my sophomore year. I don’t think it really hit me until recently how big of a deal it is that I got to be on campus during that time. I saw the flowers adorning the base of the Bruin bear. I was there as classmates shared their favorite teachings and quotes, of which there were many. I watched as his great-grandson, Tyler Trapani, scored the last basket before Pauley closed for renovation. 

Whenever I come back to visit, I always make sure to take the time to see his newly erected statue outside of Pauley. The seat in which he had sat in for years is colored gold amidst a sea of blue, forever a reminder of the greatest Bruin that ever lived.

I am truly proud that the school that I hold so close to my heart is so deeply intertwined with the memories and teachings of such an incredible human being.




Some things I’ll never know
And I had to let them go

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nacHOS2014 highlights.

  • DJ Mabby. Song of the weekend: Loyal.
  • Mustard on the beat, HO.
  • Waitress: “These nachos serve 6-8 people.” Me & Cheryl: “We know.”
  • "Do you think that if we were on Cash Cab right now, we could win?" "Sure, they just ask basic trivia questions like ‘Do you have a boyfriend’, don’t they?" -Cheryl
  • Marissa handing the security guard at Daylight an escort card instead of her ID. Security guard couldn’t help but laugh.
  • Couch photoshoots. “Serious Persian face.”
  • Me reading Harry Potter aloud to Brittany and Ramz.
  • Getting two sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich instead of one. Best decision ever.
  • Randomly leaving XS at the same time as Red Foo and saying, in complete surprise, “Oh! You were awesome! *thumbs up*” and him thanking me.
  • Bosnian girl from XS that caused Mrsa to be separated from us without her phone, ID, credit card, etc.
  • Giving Cheryl my shoes because mine were much more comfortable and her expressing her love for me to everyone in the vicinity.
  • "You wanna do some cocaine?" -random man to Cheryl as he throws a bunch of white powder on the outer rim of a trash can at Hakkasan

Ultimately, a successful girls’ weekend in Vegas :)


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